About Us

Welcome to STACK. We're so glad you're here. Below you'll find a bit more about what inspired the project, what inspires now, and what's next. Check back for updates, new products and more news. And thanks again for visiting.

STACK was founded in 2015 by developer Patricia McAlpine and designer Elizabeth Strianese. However, the seeds for STACK were planted 3 years earlier while involved in the renovation project of the Roundhouse Hotel in Beacon, NY. Patti and Liz met while turning an old industrial complex into a re-envisioned boutique hotel, restaurant, lounge and event center. During the process, they forged a friendship and a love of handmade, local artisan goods.


STACK was formed to bring the amazing modern, sustainable home goods of the Hudson Valley to the rest of the world. The materials used by the artists represented on STACK are all natural; glass, local sustainably harvested woods, eco-friendly leathers, and natural fibers. We looked around and saw that the artists we knew had the same desire we had – to design beautiful things for the home, celebrating the beauty of natural materials, crafted into simple, one-of-a-kind pieces. These craftspeople make family heirlooms, from their driving passion and desire to buck the corporate mainstream procession of landfill-destined junk. We couldn’t be more aligned in our love.


STACK is located in Beacon, NY, situated in the beautiful Hudson Valley the burgeoning capital of “handmade." We live and work here, operating the Roundhouse hotel and event space, and helping to bring the city of Beacon back to its former glory. Hudson River towns (like many small towns across the United States) have suffered in past years – desperately trying to keep young folk who had been lured by the desire to live in a big city. But the tides are turning. Creative types are now flocking to small cities like Beacon, starting up new small businesses, restoring homes and causing a grass roots movement to bring thriving, self-sufficiency to small towns. We’re a part of that, and we’re not going anywhere. You’ll love visiting Beacon and the Hudson Valley. If you’ve never been, please consider yourself invited!